Lauren Webster: an artist & creative specialising as a painter/drawer based in Sydney, Australia.


Lauren Webster has exhibited in solo and group shows across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Paris. Webster revels in creative collaborations having lent her aesthetic to projects with graphic and object designers, photographers, fashion labels, stylists, events and jewellery makers. Lauren & The Lost Boys, the name of Webster's blog and social media pseudonym has been adopted over the years as the umbrella under which her range of creative outlets are explored and shared.


Tell us about yourself. I’m an artist based in Sydney. I live by the sea and gather desert vibes from near and far. I love vintage things and retro aesthetics. Day to day you’ll find me drawing, stealing cacti and roaming beyond the city. 

What got you into designing and how long have you been designing for? I have been an artist since… forever. I’ve carried sketchbooks and pencils with me everywhere since I was a kid. I wandered off to art school with those sketchbooks then marched on from there with them firmly under my arm. Here I am today, still scribbling. 

How would you describe your design style?  My style is a low-fi rendering of cowboys’ melancholy dreams and the less than savoury thoughts of heartbreaking pirates, thrown onto paper with ink and paint. It’s bold and graphic, inspired by many things including my love of vintage fashion, music, retro design and old school Americana.

What motivates and inspires you to get out of bed each day?  I want to make art, hear good music, hug my friends and play until long after bedtime. I take very little coaxing to get out of bed, it’s switching off and going to sleep that’s the problem… 

Tell us about the artwork you’ve designed for The Paper Merchants?  These artworks are patterns based on illustrations and imagery that you will find throughout my work. Some of the drawings I have been repeating like icons for years now and others are brand new. The drawings are typical of my style with an added influence of retro flash style tattoo’s and flash cards to make up the basis of the pattern. I have referenced flash in my work for years also and this is a fun new way to explore that further.