Jonti Baylis: a visual artist, pattern designer and photgrapher based in Sydney, Australia


Jonti Baylis is a Sydney based Visual Artist, Pattern Designer and Photographer. He draws his inspiration from music, nature and culture and his work often reflects his fascination with the exotic. His process usually involves the blending of both digital and traditional techniques. Jonti also has a strong interest in textiles and enjoys designing patterns for clothing and interior applications.


Tell us about yourself. I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, but my eyes have always been focused elsewhere, I love travelling and experiencing new things. I’m also a big nature freak; hiking and going on eco based adventures are some of my favourite pastimes.

What got you into designing and how long have you been designing for? I’ve loved drawing from an early age, but I only began to focus those skills into possible commercial applications after I left school in 2010 and sought tertiary education in the fields of Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration.

How would you describe your design style? A lot of my work tends to have a kind of aged, off-beat feel about it and is often imbued with tropical themes and colours. 

What motivates and inspires you to get out of bed each day? The desire to keep moving forward.

Tell us about the artwork you’ve designed for The Paper Merchants? Well basically, due to the fact that I had so many existing designs that were not being used, I made a selection from my work that I thought would best suit wallpapers, and that would also express my style and identity as a designer.