How to Install Our Wallpapers.



Unroll and layout all prints on the floor to see panel positioning. Find the panel labelled 'No.1'—numbers are located in the bottom right corner of the printed panel pieces. 

There are 5 panels in total - each panel is 65cm wide (2.1 feet) x 250cm high (8.2 feet). The total wall area covered in 325cm (10.7 feet) x 250cm high (8.2 feet).

There is a 1cm overlap on adjoining panels.

Apply your prints on your measured wall from left to right.


Option One: Lay your wallpaper panel print face down and cover the back with water using a sponge/spray bottle, making sure you soak the entire surface. This will activate the glue that is on the back of the wallpaper.

Option Two: Loosely roll your wallpaper panel with the print on the outside and dunk it in a tub of water for around 30 secs. Pull it out slowly by one end, print face down, letting it slowly unravel. Use a sponge or spray bottle on any dry spots to make sure all the glue is ativated

Step 3

Fold the wallpaper onto itself by grabbing the top edge and folding it to the centre. Repeat by grabbing the bottom edge and folding it to the centre. Both the edges should now be touching in the centre. Leave for approximately 1 minute.

Step 4

After 1 minute, unfold the top edge from the centre and lay flat. The bottom half should remain folded onto itself for now.

Grab the top of your wallpaper and position it on the far left side of your wall. Make sure your top edge has approx 2.5cm extra onto the roof area as an overlap. Once the wallpaper is in position, unfold the bottom half making sure the left side is running in line with the wall edge.

Step 5

Step 6

Sliding the wallpaper around with your hands remove any big fold or creases. Then grabbing your damp sponge push the wallpaper gentle onto the wall surface. Don't worry about any small bubbles as these will disappear once the wallpaper dries. Then, using the wallpaper tool push the top, bottom and side edges firmly into the corners.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1–6, this time aligning each new piece of wallpaper to the panel previously applied. Remember there will be a 1cm overlap—You may have to adjust slightly the position to align pattern/print.

Step 8

Once you have all the panels applied go around with wallpaper tool and make sure all wallpaper is pushed into the edges and corners. Using your wallpaper tool as a ruller trim off all excess wallpaper. Make sure the knife is nice and sharp, taking your time to avoid any accidents.